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Your Guide to Developing Super 8 Film with Rewind Photo LabUpdated a year ago

Stepping into the world of Super 8 film development might seem daunting, but at Rewind Photo Lab, we've made the process accessible and straightforward. Let's explore how you can get your Super 8 cartridge developed with us.

You can view more details on our motion services here

Step 1: Check Your Film Stock

At Rewind Photo Lab, we're equipped to process both ECN-2 Colour Negative and Black & White Negative films. We specifically process the following Kodak Vision3 and Tri-X stocks:

  • Vision3 50D #7203
  • Vision3 200T #7213
  • Vision3 250D #7207
  • Vision3 500T #7219
  • Double-X #7222 B&W
  • Tri-X #7266 B&W

Unfortunately, we can't process any expired or old film stocks. If you're unsure about your film stock, please contact us.

Our Motion Picture Film Processor

Step 2: Understanding the Process

Our service stands out because we offer a comprehensive development, scanning, and digitisation service under one roof. Using our top-of-the-line Universal Mark II scanner, we capture each frame of your reel at 2.5K resolution, creating a movie file that matches the frame rate you originally shot.

We provide an overscan feature for maximum flexibility in cropping or implementing pan-and-scan techniques. If you'd rather have a scan with no visible rebate, let us know and we'll accommodate your preference.

Step 3: Choose Your Service

You can either choose 'Develop Only' (where we develop the film and hand it back to you on a reel for your own scanning) or opt for our 'Develop and Scan' combo service where we handle both aspects for you.

Our Universal Mark-II Scanner

Step 4: Select Your Scanning Options

For scanning, we offer a 2048 x 1536px .mov file. Choose between a compressed H.265 file (ideal for those planning to share online without editing) and an Uncompressed DNxHR 444 file (for the editors and colour graders among you).

Step 5: Data Delivery Methods

For UNCOMPRESSED video orders or large jobs, we require customers to either provide a USB or Hard Drive or purchase a USB from our store. Due to the size of uncompressed files, we can't offer download options for these. For smaller or compressed jobs, we can upload the files for download.

Once your film is scanned, we deliver the files to you via your chosen method.

Whether you're a Super 8 beginner or a seasoned pro, Rewind Photo Lab is here to make your film development journey seamless and rewarding.

You can view more details on our motion services here

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