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How To Use Our Mail-In Film Processing ServiceUpdated a year ago

At Rewind Photo Lab, we aim to make your experience as seamless as possible. This article will guide you through using our Mail-In Film Processing service.

Step 1: Fill Out Our Online Order Form

The first step is to fill out an order form on our website. Here's the link: This form allows you to tailor the processing of your film to your specific needs. Please ensure you select the 'Mail-In' option. Upon completion of the form, you'll be issued an RPL Reference Number, which helps us track your order.

Step 2: Packaging Your Film

Once your order form is filled out, you'll need to package your film safely for mailing. We recommend using a box for shipping to minimise the risk of damage. If a box isn't available, a padded satchel will work just fine. Remember to include your RPL Reference Number in the package. We strongly suggest keeping your tracking number to follow up with us or the postal service if there are any delays.

Step 3: Sending Your Film

Mail your securely packaged film to us at: 
Rewind Photo Lab
338-356 Mitchell Road, Alexandria NSW 2015
Once we receive your film, we'll match it with your online order form and send an invoice to your email address.

Step 4: Processing Your Film

Upon receipt of payment, we commence processing your film. This is also when we double-check your order to make sure all films can be processed as per your requirements. If any issues arise during this step, we will contact you promptly.

Step 5: Returning Your Film

On the order form, you'll have the option to have your processed film and any prints or scans shipped back to you or kept at our Sydney store for up to 4 weeks. If you want to know more about our storage protocols, you can find the information here.

Using our Mail-In Film Processing service is an efficient and secure way to get your film developed, no matter where you are. As always, Rewind Photo Lab is here to make your film photography experience a breeze.

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