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How to Use Our Drop Box ServiceUpdated a year ago

Our drop box at The Dale Studio, Chippendale

Submitting your film for processing has never been easier, thanks to Rewind Photo Lab's convenient drop box service. Located around Sydney, these drop boxes are designed to make your film photography journey a breeze.

View our drop box locations here

Step 1: Fill Out Our Online Order Form

The first thing you'll want to do is fill out our online order form. You can find the form here. This form allows us to understand exactly how you want your film processed. After completing the form, you'll receive an RPL Reference Number for your order.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code directly on our drop boxes to access the form.

Step 2: Pack Your Film in the Provided Bag

At each of our drop boxes, you'll find supplied plastic zip-lock bags. Write your RPL Reference Number on the label of the bag and place your film inside.

Don't forget to write either your name or RPL reference number on the package

Step 3: Drop Your Film in the Box

With your film securely packed in the zip-lock bag, all that's left to do is drop it into the box.

Step 4: Collection and Processing

We regularly collect film from our drop boxes. Visit our drop boxes page here for the pick-up schedule. Once we collect your film, the processing steps follow as in our mail-in service: we check your order, email you an invoice, and commence work once the invoice is paid.

Step 5: Returning Your Film

We'll either ship your processed film and any prints or scans back to you, or keep them at our Sydney store for up to 4 weeks, as per your preference mentioned in the order form.

With our Drop Box Service, Rewind Photo Lab makes your film photography experience as seamless as possible. So go ahead, drop in your film, and let us do the rest!

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